Saint Louis University School of Medicine Cura Personalis Scholarship

The “Cura Personalis” scholarship is intended to promote highly talented individuals who excel academically, in leadership, or in service that have a demonstrated financial need.

Eligibility: Any incoming M1s admitted to SLU SOM with financial need. Must complete a FAFSA for eligibility.

Criteria for selection:

  • Financial Need
    o FAFSA
  • Merit
    o Major/GPA/Institution
    o MCAT Score
    o Research and Scholarly Activity
  • Leadership
    o Leadership role(s)
    o Responsibility
    o Impact
  • Service
    o Type of service
    o Commitment required (time, financial)

A total of $30,000.00 is available to be awarded per year. Awards will renew annually as long as the student remains in good standing (no academic or professional probation).
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your college transcript with GPA.
  2. Please upload your MCAT Score Report (all attempts must be included).
  3. Please upload a current curriculum vitae that includes your research and scholarly activity, leadership roles, and service. For leadership roles, please include a sentence describing your responsibility and another sentence describing the impact of your leadership.
  4. Please explain your financial need.
  5. Did you work during college to pay for school? If so, please describe the work you did and how many hours/week, on average, you worked.
  6. Please answer two of the three questions below:
    • Please identify and describe a challenge you faced after graduating high school and explain what you learned from this experience (500 words).
    • Please identify and describe the most meaningful community service you provided after graduating from high school and explain why it was so meaningful (500 words).
    • Please identify and describe your most meaningful leadership role after graduating high school and explain what you learned from that experience (500 words).
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