Student Emergency Relief Fund (SERF)

This fund is to provide financial aid for unforeseen circumstances that create an unexpected or unprepared-for economic hardship. It is not meant to supplement a student’s financial aid package, or to provide on-going, long-term maintenance. Funds cannot be used for tuition or fees associated with enrollment at Saint Louis University.

School for Professional Studies Students: Please note that this is NOT the Dean’s Emergency Scholarship – SPS students should complete that application instead of the SERF application..

Awards are generally limited to $1000 and are only available once to each recipient.

Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Financial Services for an emergency loan prior to seeking funds from this program. Students may also contact Billiken Bounty for food and other supplies.

A W-9 form must accompany all requests. The W-9 Taxpayer Identification and Certification form can be found at: Please note: Receipts are required for all purchases made with the award funds.

Student Development - Business Admin
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your W-9 Certificate. Be sure to enter your current mailing address and your full Social Security #
  2. What is your emergency situation? Please be as specific as possible.
  3. What are the specifics of your request? Specify each item to be purchased and the estimated cost.
  4. Please select the box below to confirm that you understand you must email SHAREDSERVICES@SLU.EDU in order for this application to be considered complete.
  5. Please provide the contact information of the person who referred you to Student Emergency Relief Fund