Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant from Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE)

Student Eligibility: To be eligible to receive an award, an initial applicant must:
• Submit a complete Fast Track application with the Department of Higher Education & Workforce
• Be at least 25 years old or not have been enrolled in an education program at any level within
the past two years.
• Enroll at least half-time at a participating institution in a program designated as eligible by the
Coordinating Board.
o Short-term (less than 300 clock hours) and noncredit programs meet this by definition.
• Complete the FAFSA.
• Apply for and accept all governmental financial aid, which excludes work-study and any loans,
for which he or she is eligible.
• Have an Adjusted Gross Income, as reported on the FAFSA, of no more than $80,000 for married
individuals filing federal income taxes jointly or $40,000 if filing in any other status.
• Be a Missouri resident and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
• Not have circumstances preventing receipt of federal Title IV student financial aid, such as being
in default on a federal loan or having a criminal record preventing receipt of federal Title IV
student financial aid.
For a renewal applicant, defined as an individual who has received a Fast Track grant in a previous
academic year, the individual must meet all of the above requirements and, in addition, must be making
satisfactory progress, which includes maintaining at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.
Applications and awards are available throughout the year. However, the application deadline is May 15
each year and disbursements for the year cannot be made after June 30. Both the application and FAFSA
must be completed before a student can receive an award.
Because the grant may be converted to a loan if the individual does not complete the residency and
work requirement described below, the student must submit all required documentation, including a
promissory note and self-certification form, to the department prior to each disbursement of funds.
Students must receive counseling regarding the nature and obligations of the program to ensure the
decision to accept the award is fully informed.