Cheryl L. Cavallo Endowed Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of this award is to assist physical therapy students in their upcoming PY III year who have the same desire to participate in health care related domestic or international mission trips. International trips must have a focus on healthcare. Belize clinical placement will count towards your eligibility. Please note that the number and dollar amount of scholarships given will vary. If you have questions about this scholarship, please contact Jill Fitzgerald at 314-977-8756 or

Dr. Cheryl Cavallo received her bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees from Saint Louis University and was a member of the faculty for 32 years, retiring in 2011. During her tenure, she received multiple awards for teaching and service. Cheryl participated in mission trips to Haiti and El Salvador and was extremely passionate about student involvement in service trips. Cheryl truly saw her profession as a gift because she could serve other people. The Cheryl Cavallo Memorial Scholarship was established to reflect Cheryl’s passion and lifetime commitment to the education of her students and their preparation in the Jesuit tradition to become men and women for others.

Award amounts will vary based on applicant pool
Doisy College of Health Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe the service trip you are planning or a service trip you have completed earlier this academic year including the following: a. community will serve/served b. service will provide/provided c. where d. when (specific dates)
  2. Please provide a brief statement describing how a service mission trip might impact you as an individual and a professional in the future.
  3. Please explain your interest in service missions as it pertains to the Physical Therapy program and your enhanced learning experience.
  4. Please explain why you are seeking financial assistance and what is your alternative plan if you do not receive this scholarship.
  5. Briefly explain your financial situation and why you are requesting financial assistance at this time.
    • Please describe any additional information that could be helpful as scholarship decisions are made (unforeseen circumstances, other sources of financial aid not listed before, etc)
    • Please describe future loan debt encurred for educational purposes (government and personal loans)
    • Please list any scholarships and/or grants you are currently receiving from an outside source.
    • Please list current TOTAL loan debt for your education as of today.